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Transcript: Guide to Working Holiday in Australia

Transcript: Guide to Working Holiday in Australia

Video Length: 3 minutes 09 seconds

Open on image of clouds in the sky.

Upbeat music begins to play.

International Experience Canada:

Guide to Working Holiday in Australia’ drops from top of the screen.

Background changes to a red desert road with white gumtrees

An animated polar bear carrying a backpack and a sleeping bag pops up onto the screen.

Polar bear: So you’ve decided you want to come to Australia for a working holiday.

Image cut outs of the Sydney Opera House, a kangaroo, a kangaroo road sign and the Harbour bridge drop down to the right of the screen behind the polar bear.

Polar bear: Well mate there’s a few things you should know before you head down under.

A plane moves from left to right across the screen.

The background transitions to an image of Sydney with a cut-out of the Opera House on the left of the screen.

‘Working Holiday Visa’ appears in the centre.

A check mark icon appears over ’working holiday visa’.

Polar bear: Once you’ve got your visa sorted, download The Travel Smart App.


An image of a polar bear paw holding a phone with an image of the website is shown over the checkmark.

Polar bear: As your one-stop-shop for safe travel advice and information,

Safe Travel Advice’ pans in from the left beside the paw.

Polar bear: It’s handier than having maple syrup at a pancake party.

Multiple images of pancakes on plates fill the screen.

Pancakes disappear to reveal an Apple computer in front of bookcases in the background.

Text appears on the Apple computer screen

Polar bear animation reappears on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Polar bear: You should also register as a Canadian Abroad. This way, the Consular Section will be able to reach you in case of any emergency, and it’ll be easy for you to ‘rock on’ and enjoy your stay.

Guitar image swipes from bottom to top of screen.

Background changes to close-up of sand.

Polar bear animation drops down from the top of the screen.

Polar bear: If anything does happen while you’re on holiday, you’ll want to ensure that you have comprehensive insurance coverage, because without it, you’re skating on thin ice.

The words ‘Comprehensive Insurance Coverage’ appear below the polar bear.

Background changes to a cartoon background of ice with mountains in the distance.

Polar bear paw prints begin appearing in the snow.

When the fourth print appears, the ice cracks

Ice skates swipe from left to right across the screen

Background changes to the image of a beach.

A suitcase appears on the right side of the screen

Polar Bear: Be mindful of local regulations on bringing prescription medication, food, plants, and other items into Australia.

Icons of a pill, apple and plant appear on screen and a red ‘x’ is drawn over  all three.

A rope appears and pulls the background of sand down from the top of the screen.


A question mark appears on screen

Polar bear: If you’re unsure of any items, it’s best to declare it; as the penalty for the importation of illegal substances is strict.

An image of an ‘Incoming passenger card’ for Australia is shown on screen.

A pen is to the right of the screen. To the right of the pen the words ‘Illegal substances’ and ‘strict’ appear.


An image of a siren swipes from left to right.

Polar bear animation shows to the left of the screen and the background changes to image of Melbourne City

Polar bear: Now to the working part of your working holiday. There are plenty of options available, especially if you’re not ready to be a crocodile handler just yet.


An image of a crocodile appears to the right of the screen.

Polar bear: To find work in an office or a specialized trade, try contacting a recruitment agency.

Background splits into two images: one half of Melbourne City and the other of a construction site.

A telephone appears in the middle of the screen. The phone disappears and an image of a search bar appears.

Polar bear: Or hop online to job search websites like the Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce’s working holiday job bank (


Within the search bar the web address: is shown.

A computer pointer ‘clicks’ on the magnifying glass to search

An image of a pile of paper appears on screen with a wooden background.

Polar bear: Do your homework

A pen appears to the right of screen

Polar bear animation appears to the right of the screen

Polar bear: make sure the companies you apply to are true blue and always keep a written copy of your contract and payslips.

Camera pans to the right so the polar bear is now on the left of the screen.

Polar bear: You can find information about your working conditions and workplace rights on the Fair Work Ombudsman website (

The words Working conditions and workplace rights appear to the right of the polar bear.

An Apple computer appears on the right, replacing the text.

Above the computer is “” and on the computer screen is the Fair Work website.

Pile of papers appear and move from left to right across the screen

Background changes to sky with a tree on the bottom right.

Polar bear animation comes out from behind tree

Polar bear: Once you realize Australia isn’t full of drop bears, you might want to stay a bit longer.

Caution road sign depicting drop bear pops up on the left of the screen.

Camera pans down to bottom of the tree.

In the foreground there is a vineyard.

Polar bear appears on bottom right of screen, in front of the vineyard and tree.

Polar bear: If you spend three months working in a regional location in certain industries, you may be eligible for another year of a working holiday visa.

Lower half of background changes replacing the vineyard with sugar cane.

It then changes to a construction site.


A Canadian passport swipes from left to right and a dinner plate with bacon, and a fork appears to the left, along with the polar bear.


Polar bear: The minimum wage is higher in Australia than it is at home, so you’re likely to be earning more.

A pile of $100 AUD bills appear on screen.

Six more $100 AUD piles appear around the first

Polar bear: But budget carefully as some items can be 10 to 50% more expensive.

A $100 AUD pile of bills swipe from left to right

The background changes to an image of the sky and an image of a cut out plane on a stick ‘flies’ across screen from left to right

Polar bear: As an Australian employee, the sum will also be deducted from your paycheck to pay tax and contribute to your superannuation- like a retirement savings fund.

$100 bills fall off the plane with the word ‘tax’ written underneath.


A plane swipes from left to right

Background changes to an image of Uluru, Australia with the polar bear at the centre of the screen.


Polar bear: While Aussies are a friendly and welcoming bunch, there are still some safety issues to keep in mind.

The image of a polar bear paw appears holding a cell phone.

A red screen with the text ‘emergency call 911’ appears.

Polar bear: Calling 911 will get you nowhere.

A red ‘x’ appears over the phone.


Polar bear: If you need emergency services call 000 instead.

Three large 0s appear in the centre.

An image of a police siren enlarges and then vanishes.

Background changes to image of a road with cut out cars driving on the road.

Polar bear: Remember that cars drive on the opposite side of the road. Go against all your natural instincts when crossing, and look right first instead of left.

The words “Always look right first” appears in the middle.

Background changes to a beach setting with two red and yellow flags and two signs which read ‘danger strong current’

The polar bear animation is swimming in the water between the flags and the signs.

Polar bear: When you’re at the beach, stay safe.

The words “ appear below the polar bear”.

A pair of swimming trunks swipe left to right.

Background changes to polar bear standing in a bar

Polar bear: For those who enjoy the nightlife, the legal drinking age in Australia is 18.

The number 18 appears to the right of the polar bear and then changes to a silhouetted example of an ID.

Polar bear: You can apply for a proof of age card or ID to get into any clubs or bars, leaving your passport safe at home.

Background changes to night club with a silhouette of the polar bear dancing and then to an image of a Canadian passport on a bed.

Polar bear: Don’t forget to organise safe transport to and from the venue.

Background changes to a city at night

A taxi drives from left to right in front of the cityscape.


Polar bear: At the end of the day, the best bit of a working holiday is the travel. Head to the tourism Australia website for great travel advice.

Background scrolls through picture of Uluru, Opera House, a city, an outback road and the tourism Australia website.

Polar bear: Email us to receive more tips and score invites to social events! (

A computer appears on screen with the text ‘

Polar bear appears on screen

Polar Bear: You’ll be as happy as a kangaroo in the outback!

The following disclaimers appears:

The Government of Canada has prepared this presentation as a general overview and based on secondary sources of information. While all care has been taken in the preparation, the Government of Canada does not accept responsibility in any losses suffered by persons relying on the information contained here.  Viewers should take note that the Government of Canada does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information contained nor does it necessarily endorse the organizations listed herein. The content in no way reflects the official policy or opinions of the Government of Canada.


The words International Experience Canada / Canada Experience Internationale appear on the screen and are followed by the word Canada.

The video ends with ’’ on screen and then it fades to black.


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