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Transcript: Working Holiday = Voyage

Transcript: Working Holiday = Voyage

Title: Working Holiday = Voyage

Duration: 2:28

Upbeat music plays throughout.

Valerie is on a ferry, looking at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Valerie (speaks French): Travelling, in a certain way, became a lifestyle for me.

Valerie (speaks French): I like to travel, but I especially like to settle down for long periods, in certain countries, to have a better taste of the daily life of where I’m staying.

The Sydney central business district and the Parramatta River are shown. Valerie waves from the ferry as it arrives at Manly wharf.

Valerie walks by the beach and then toward the apartment where she is staying.

Valerie (speaks French): The Working Holiday visa allows me to do so.

A sequence of shots is shown: Valerie at the Manly Wharf entrance, with people walking by; a photo of Valerie standing under a Japanese arch; and Valerie parachuting with an instructor.

Valerie (speaks French): My name is Valerie, and I come from Rouyn-Noranda, in the Abitibi region, in Quebec.

Valerie looks around a mall and is then seen on a ferry. An outline drawing of Australia appears.

Valerie (speaks French): I used the Working Holiday visa in France, England and now in Australia.

Various scenes are displayed: Valerie looking at souvenirs, and then walking down a staircase next to a colourful mural; a painted canvas; people singing at a concert; a picture of Valerie at a beach, with her surf board; a picture of Valerie surfing; and a picture of Valerie by the water, wearing a hat.

Valerie (speaks French): I especially wanted to add new professional experiences to my CV at the same time as living my new passion: surfing.

A map of the world appears, with green pins on the various countries that Valerie has travelled to.

Valerie (speaks French): As of now, I can say that I’ve been to 29 countries.

Valerie walks down a street. Various photos appear: a city skyline; Valerie kneeling in front of a monk; Valerie and a family; Valerie standing on a pier by the water, with a flag of Vietnam flapping in the wind; Valerie on a beach; and Valerie surfing.

Valerie (speaks French): I normally work in Canada or abroad for certain periods of time, and then use my savings to buy an airplane ticket to go to my next destination or to return to Canada.

Valerie travels in a car with friends, and then walks over a glass surface. Five Queen’s Guards march by, and an outline of the United Kingdom is drawn beside the guards.

Three Polaroid photos appear: a street lined with cars, food and people walking along a street. The background is a collage of passport stamps. A shot of buildings is shown.

Valerie (speaks French): Before coming to Australia, I used the Working Holiday visa in England, as I wanted to live a new cultural experience and improve my English. Over there, I worked for a marketing and digital media company.

A photo appears of Valerie standing by a London Underground (subway) sign that says “Hammersmith”. A picture of Valerie at an event is shown. Valerie visits a castle. A photo appears of Valerie at an evening event, with many of people. Various shots are displayed: greenery and a city in the background; Valerie walking down a street; Valerie working in her office.

Valerie (speaks French): I had the opportunity to be trained and to work with prisoners in a prison, which turned out to be an incredible experience that I never imagined I’d have.

Valerie rides an elevator, and then talks to a colleague.

Valerie (speaks French): The company I worked for was employing prisoners in rehabilitation.

Various shots appear: Valerie walking out onto a balcony; a photo of Valerie in Paris, with the outline of France drawn on the side; 3 Polaroid photos of Valerie, the first of her smiling at the camera, the second of her with 3 friends, and the third of her watching food being cooked. The passport stamp collage is the background. A shot of pastries is shown.

Valerie (speaks French): My first experience with the Working Holiday was in France. I lived in a charming little town in the French Alps, where I worked in a hotel restaurant, on the ski slope.

Various shots are displayed: Valerie outside on a patio, drinking coffee; Valerie sitting and reading; 3 Polaroid photos of mountains and snow in France, with the collage of passport stamps as the background; Valerie walking into a building; Valerie working on her computer; and Valerie buying some patisseries at a French bakery.

Valerie (speaks French): I had to put on my skis to go to work and come back from work. I have learned so many new things, and the whole experience has opened my mind in so many ways, but it has mainly contributed to building my self-confidence. It’s still ongoing.

Various shots are displayed: a picture of Valerie sitting in a park, with deer; a river, with a cityscape in the background; and 3 travel books, New Zealand’s South Island, Central Australia and Australia. Valerie speaks from inside her apartment.

Valerie (speaks French): So, if you’re thinking about applying for a Working Holiday visa, don’t hesitate! I’m already thinking about my next one. Chile, Portugal, Costa Rica, New Zealand … there are so many choices, and you can carry on until the age of 35.


The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada corporate signature and copyright message, “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2019.”, are displayed, followed by the Canada wordmark, on a white background.


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