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Time: 1 minute 4 seconds

The video opens with upbeat music. There is a title screen that reads “Working Holiday in New Zealand” on the top half, with text on the bottom half that reads: “Tips Series Transport”. There is a video of a car driving along a road with mountains in the background.

A young man speaks to the camera in front of a bus.

Male Narrator: Wellington is New Zealand’s capital, and getting around is pretty easy.

The young man looks up at the timetable. He is on a busy street in Wellington. The young man boards the bus that has arrived and then departs at another stop.

Male Narrator: The bus network in Wellington is one of the primary ways to get around the city. You’re going to want to get a Snapper card to make your trips cheaper and more efficient if you plan on staying a while.

The camera shows an underground train station in Auckland. A young woman gets onto a train at an above-ground station.

Female Narrator: The train, bus and ferry in Auckland are some of the quicker ways to get around town.

Close-up of a woman holding an AT card and tapping it against a tap point. A wide shot of Auckland from across the harbour.

Female Narrator: First thing to do is grab an AT hop card, which will work on the trains, buses and Fullers Ferries. Then you can add funds to the card and tap on, tap off to get around the city.

A first-person view of a car driving along a street in Auckland with the Sky Tower in the background.

Female Narrator: Auckland is located on the North Island and is New Zealand’s largest city, but a lot of people still travel via car.

Two people walk along some rolling, grassy hills. Cut to an ancient tree in a forest towering over people below. A camper van drives over a hill. A first-person view of a car driving toward the ocean, driving on the left-hand side of the road. An overhead shot further showing cars driving on the left-hand side.

Female Narrator: Rolling hills, untouched forests, snow-capped mountains and sparkling lakes. Many explore New Zealand by car, camper van or motorhome. Remember that, in New Zealand, people drive on the left-hand side of the road. As the driver, you will always be positioned closer to the middle of the road when driving, rather than the footpath.

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