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Environmental Safety

Time: 1 minute 22 seconds

The video opens with upbeat music. There is a title screen that reads “Working Holiday in New Zealand” on the top half, with text on the bottom half that reads “Tips Series Environment”. There is a video of blue skies over a valley.

Male Narrator: Wellington is known for its beautiful mountains and walking tracks.

Cut to a time-lapse shot of Wellington Harbour. It is overcast and looks to be raining. Cut to a walking track near Wellington. We see a young man walking through a wooded area. A warning sign is displayed showing what activities are permitted in the Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park. A sweeping shot of an area of the New Zealand coast.

Male Narrator: New Zealand has a unique environment. Being careless can damage the fragile ecosystems. Take your rubbish with you and be careful where you step.

Cut to a time-lapse on a mountain. It is an overcast and windy day. The trees and bushes are moving aggressively. Cut to time-lapse of overcast, rainy Wellington Harbour with people walking past the camera. Cut to a shot of the beach and a lifeguard standing between two flags. There are clear skies and it is bright.

Male Narrator: The New Zealand environment is so unique that the weather has been known to change at any moment. People can be caught in torrential rain or scorching sun.

A young woman places some sunscreen in a backpack. Cut to clear skies and a shot of cliffs with birds flying around it.

Male Narrator: Bring sunscreen and a hat because the ozone layer is thinner in this part of the world, which means more UV rays can reach the earth and your skin.

Cut to a close-up shot of someone holding a mobile phone. Text: “You can text your location to 7233 (SAFE) a database accessible by police”.

Female Narrator: When hiking, always tell someone where you’re going and bring supplies.

A young woman approaches another woman at a shop till to ask her for directions. Cut to a remote looking area with a waterfall in the background. A young man and woman are hiking on a cliff with a coastline in the background. Cut to cars driving along a country road.

Female Narrator: Ask locals in shops or hotels and hostels about safety in any area you plan to visit. Remember that you may be out of cell range and need a physical map or radio to get yourself back home.

Cut to a young man trying to take a selfie. He turns to speak to the camera.

Male Narrator: I know it may be tempting to get that perfect selfie, but be cautious and stay aware.

We see a young woman move toward a rail over some waterfalls. She leans over the railing. There is a big red cross over the image suggesting people should not do this. A young man joins her and does the same thing.

Male Narrator: Do not take unnecessary risks. Never step out into unstable areas because a photo is not worth the risk of injury.

Cut to a geothermal area with gas spilling out of a crater. Cut to long shot over a larger volcanic area. We see 3 people near another area with geothermal activity.

Male Narrator: Some areas of New Zealand are highly geothermal, like Rotorua or Taupo, and geysers can spurt boiling water or mud. If an area says to stay out, you should listen.

Cut to young man standing in Wellington, speaking to the camera.

To Camera: These tips will help you be safe on your adventure in New Zealand.

Text: Visit to plan your own experience

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