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Title: Canadians in Middle Earth

Title: Canadians in Middle Earth

Title: Canadians in Middle Earth

Video length: 1:38 minutes

Pleasant, upbeat music plays throughout.

Text displays:

Remember to call mom and dad

Check postage cost for Canada

Upload photos

New Zealand Working Holiday

Canadians in Middle Earth

A corkboard displays a map of New Zealand, a photo of 4 people doing a Haka (ceremonial dance), a photo of a person bungee-jumping, a photo of 2 people in a Zorb (large inflatable clear ball), a photo of 2 people parachuting and a photo of someone in Hobbiton.

A shot through an airplane window shows clouds, mountain tops and the aircraft’s right wing.

Text displays:

New Zealand here I come!

#WorkingHoliday @IECVoyage #AOTEAROA

A New Zealander performing a Pōwhiri, or welcome ceremony, on a brick pathway surrounded by a garden.

Two women, a man and 3 sheep walking on a grassy hill side.

Back to the same corkboard with a new photo of people skydiving and a photo of a person on a dock in Hobbiton, New Zealand.

Text displays:


A man bungee jumps in front of a bridge, rocks and flora.

The image changes to a cityscape with several people are walking on the sidewalk.

Two men on a chair lift surrounded by snowy mountains.

The SkyTower in Auckland, New Zealand.

Text displays:


Mountains in the background. In the foreground, a man accompanied by 2 bungee instructors is getting ready to bungee jump.

Instructor [shouting]: “This is Sparta!”

Two people doing the bungee jump.

A snowy landscape and empty chair lifts.

Text displays:


A pilot and his co-pilot fly over the mountains in a helicopter.

Text displays:


Fast-motion sequence of dozens of people walking in a train station.

The corkboard reappears.

Text displays:

Work project due 12th March

Meeting at Sky City at 10 a.m., 20th March

Team-building Kaitaiki whitewater rafting

Weekend on Waiheke Island

NZ To do:

Work near the beach

Visit Hobbiton

Watch a Haka

Whitewater rafting

A post-it note on the corkboard lists a work project due on 12 March, a meeting at Sky City on 20 March, a team-building activity and a weekend on Waiheke isle. A second post-it note lists 4 activities to do in New-Zealand: work near the beach, visit Hobbiton, watch a Haka and try whitewater rafting. A photograph of a hiker.

Text displays:

 # Discover

A person goes down steps in the forest. The next shot shows another person walking on pebbles.

Two people are skipping rocks on a lake.

Geysers discharging steam appears in the next image then changes to mountainous landscape.

A man and a woman seated around a table on a café patio. They are reading the newspaper. A tramway can be seen in the background.

Back to a mountainscape. There is a lake in the centre of the mountains. Next image is a quick shot of a ferry. The next part shows 2 groups of people taking selfies, on a boat and in town.

Text displays:


Hikers are walking through a narrow path between 2 icy glaciers.

A Kea Bird walking. A dolphin swimming, then a waterfalls down the side of a mountain and into the ocean.

Three side-by-side shots show: a man jumping into a lagoon, the city along the shoreline and a woman jumping into the lagoon.

Looking through a windshield, showing a gravel road with mountains covered in foliage in the distance.

Quick appearance of the corkboard.

Text displays:


Three people in a jet boat speed through the rushing whitewater at Huka Falls.

A person is riding on a scooter through a small tunnel while some friends watch from above.

Text displays:


Image of a customer seated outside at a café while a server takes her order.

Snow top mountains in the background with a man in the foreground walking from the left side to the right of the screen.

Text displays:


Three side-by-side shots of Hobbiton from the film series Lord of the Rings: the entrance to the hobbit-hole, rolling hills and a dirt pathway leading through the hills.

Text displays:


A supermarket employee is stocking kiwi fruit.

 A woman sits on the rocks watching waves crash against the shoreline. 

Image of geysers discharging steam.

Back to thecorkboard with a zoom-in on the image of zorb ball.

Inside of the zorb ball: the woman inside the large, clear plastic ball smiles and raises her hands in excitement.

Maori men and women performing a traditional dance using poi (equipment used in the dance). In the background, a man is playing guitar.

Text displays



Three side-by-side shots of a woman shearing a sheep, a man behind the counter of a brewery and young man slicing open a large watermelon.

A large outdoor stadium is filled with cheering rugby fans. More fans are shown gathered under a large tent watching the rugby game on a big screen TV.

Back to corkboard.


Text displays:


Two skydivers filming themselves soaring over New Zealand. The camera angle changes to the landscape below with long winding rivers and green forest.

Text displays:


Three side-by-side images of a woman scanning documents, a server wiping down a table and a barista making a coffee.  

Two girls bungee jump together and take an upside down video as they fall towards the water below.

A quick image of the Huka Falls with the white rapids rushing along the river towards the falls.

A man plays golf with the mountains in the background.

Point-of-view shot of a raft going through some rapids, then a shot of a person in a kayak paddling down a waterfall.

A skydiver takes a selfie of himself and his instructor while they’re in a plane. The instructor makes a peace sign as the other man smiles.

Text displays:


Five women are making a video of themselves on a yellow raft. They yell “Pick those paddles up!” They are wearing helmets and life jackets. 

Text displays:


A sequence of 3 people in an office, smiling at the camera while wearing headphones and a microphone.

Shot of 2 people skydiving filmed by skydiving instructor. You can see water and land below.

Maori men and women are performing the Haka. Shot of a female hiker standing on frozen snow with mountainous background.

Text displays:



A road with green fields and large mountains can be seen through a car windshield.  

Text displays:


Slow-motion of 5 people jumping in the air on a grassy landscape. In the background, the mountains are shrouded in fog with the sun shining through.

Text displays:

New Zealand – Working Holiday

 International Experience Canada

Expérience internationale Canada

Canada wordmark

A small Canadian flag waves above the last letter of the Canada wordmark.


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Canada Down Under is an on-line portfolio of Canadian-Australian stories produced by the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney and other contributors.

Canada Down Under est un portefeuille en ligne d'histoires canado-australiennes produites par le Consulat général du Canada à Sydney et d'autres contributeurs.

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