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Australia benefits from Canada’s carbon-capture and storage technology

Australia benefits from Canada’s carbon-capture and storage technology

Canberra-based company Hi-Quality Concrete has partnered with CE Construction Solutions to install cutting edge technology into its batching system, made possible by a Canadian company CarbonCure. The process takes recycled carbon from other industries and injects it into fresh concrete to reduce it’s carbon footprint without compromising performance.

Once injected, the CO2 undergoes a mineralisation process and becomes permanently embedded – meaning the carbon is captured and stored safely, without entering into or polluting our atmosphere.

Industry is increasingly committing to climate action

This partnership is a moving example of how traditionally heavy industry can also be the birthplace of the creativity, agility and innovation required to solve complex global problems.

Hi-Quality Concrete’s decision to seek out and incorporate CarbonCure’s technology was driven by this commitment to be a climate-conscious player in the sector.

“Our focus since starting Hi-Quality Concrete in 2019 has been on doing as much as we can to mitigate our environmental footprint,” General Manager Mark Dawes said. “We carefully restored a near-derelict plant in Fyshwick, we collect and recycle all onsite water, and, as the only fully-enclosed plant in the ACT, we minimise our noise and dust pollution.”

At the installation of the CarbonCure CO2 tank at Hi-Quality Concrete’s base in June this year. From left to right: Mark Dawes, General Manager for Hi-Quality Concrete; Rachel Evans, Technician from CarbonCure Technologies; Damian Ross, General Manager for CE Industries. Photographer: Adam McGrath

Consumer demands for sustainable industry

This commitment to sustainability which is being championed by Hi-Quality Concrete and enabled by CarbonCure technology, is driven by the demands of consumers who see this as a responsibility that everyone – business, individuals and government – share.

“With more focus than ever on embodied carbon in construction, demand for low carbon building materials is increasing,” CE Construction Solutions General Manager Dan Rowley said.

“Concrete made with this technology reduces CO2 by an average of 15 kilograms per cubic metre, so we’re excited to be in partnership with CarbonCure TM to help reduce embodied carbon in the built environment by 500 million tonnes annually by 2030 across the globe.”

Imagery following the install of the CarbonCure CO2 tanks at the Hi-Quality Concrete Plant in July 2022. Photographer: Adam McGrath

The Canada-Australia relationship is a pivotal force in combatting climate change

Canada, like Australia, understands the importance of effective international cooperation and courageous values-based leadership in seeking solutions to global problems.

Canada’s efforts on climate change are guided by ‘A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy’ plan to ensure we meet and exceed current 2030 Green House Gas reduction targets under the Paris Agreement.

Australia and Canada’s shared commitment to carbon reduction provide a strong, cooperative framework on which to learn from each other, cooperate, share technologies and put our best minds together to tackle climate change. It is on this framework that we will build the world we will leave to the next generation.

The partnership between CarbonCure and Hi-Quality Concrete is an example of this innovation and cooperation.

At the Australian launch for the CarbonCure project in early August, High Commissioner for Canada to Australia, His Excellency Mark Glauser, highlighted the partnership as an example of the important friendship between Canada and Australia – and the capacity for companies to leverage their strengths for the greater good.

His Excellency Mark Glauser, High Commissioner for Canada in Australia, speaking at the launch of CarbonCure in Australia in August this year. Photographer: Adam McGrath

“It is examples like this, that demonstrate how organizations can contribute to climate action solutions at such a pivotal time,” he said.

“The Industrial Revolution/Industry 4.0 is upon us, and collaboration will be critical as we experience rapid change to technology, industries, and societal patterns and processes.

Companies need to be agile, to be innovative and to re-invent themselves to compete, committing to ways to reduce their environmental footprint: just like Hi-Quality Concrete has done.”

Launch of the CarbonCure-Hi-Quality Concrete partnership. From left to right: Dan Rowley, General Manager for CE Industries; High Commissioner for Canada in Australia, His Excellency Mark Glauser; Will Pepping, Country Manager for AU/NZ for CarbonCure Technologies; Mark Dawes, General Manager for Hi-Quality Concrete. Photographer: Adam McGrath

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