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Starting up, scaling up or exporting? Canada Down Under is here to help

Starting up, scaling up or exporting? Canada Down Under is here to help

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service is proud to help Canadian businesses grow with confidence; providing support, intelligence, funding, and connections with the right people in global markets – in like here in Australia and in the Pacific Island region.

CrushDynamics Inc. (“CrushDynamics”), an agritech corporation from British Columbia, has recently been making inroads into expansion here in Australia. In September of this year, CEO Kirk Moir travelled to Sydney for the launch of CrushDynamics in Australia and met with Consul General Andre Francois Giroux.






CrushDynamics is working with Spiegare, an Australian technology transfer advisory service, and their investment partners, the AgFood Opportunities Fund. In addition they are also working with multiple partners across the food and wine industries.

This is a great example of the Australia-Canada connections that span the import and export of food, culture and know-how, and are founded on a bedrock of shared values, agricultural leadership, and a commitment to making the world a better place.

CrushDynamics and the circular economy model


CrushDynamics is an ag-food circular economy success story: using fermentation to upgrade waste into a high nutritional food ingredient.

CrushDynamics purchases wine crush – the skins, seeds and pulp that remain after juicing – and, through natural, proprietary fermentation technology, creates high-performance food ingredients to meet the growing global demand for food that is better for people and the planet.

CrushDynamics has created a system that reduces waste, creates sustainable food products, and adds value to the wine sector through providing additional sources of revenue.

We’re proud to have assisted CrushDynamics to expand this offering into Australia.

Supporting climate-friendly agriculture in the Canada-Australia bilateral relationship

CrushDynamics’ expansion into Australia represents a broader story of trusted partnership between Australia and Canada: a beacon of stability in a changing and often unpredictable world.

As we tackle global challenges, we believe it is essential to help our traditional industries grow and change together in a secure and sustainable way. We support business at all stages to make a positive impact on our planet and generate wealth and expertise across our two nations.

For Canadian business, particularly in the ag-tech sector, Australia represents a friendly and familiar business environment. Australia also offers a global scale wine industry and a developed food manufacturing industry, orientated to emerging Asian markets.

We are so passionate about all the ways industry, people and the planet gain by joining forces and partnering, particularly in the Canada-Australia relationship!

As members of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership, or CPTPP, a free trade agreement in place since 2018, Canada and Australia have preferential duty-free access to each other’s markets for 98% of our exports. This is a representation of how strongly Canada and Australia are standing behind commitments to our shared businesses, economies, and futures.

Left to right: Paul Jensz, Executive Chairman, AgFood Fund; Jennifer Diamond, Trade Commissioner for Agriculture and Ag-tech at the High Commission of Canada in Australia; Kirk Moir, CEO, Crush Dynamics; Cameron Begley, Founder and Managing Director, Spiegare Consulting.


CrushDynamics and the Global Circular Economy

CrushDynamics has just been selected, amongst over 1000 innovative global companies, to participate in an acceleration program by Silicon Valley-based innovation platform Plug and Play Food.

“We are incredibly honoured that our technology, focused on valorization of agricultural side streams at scale, has been recognized by Plug and Play’s corporate sponsors as a valuable tool to enable them to address the demands of their customers.” said Kirk Moir, co-founder and CEO of CrushDynamics.

“Today’s consumer is looking for better tasting, more nutritious and more sustainably focused food. Being a part of Plug and Play Food’s Batch 12 program connects CrushDynamics with a proven ecosystem for accelerating innovation in the global food chain.”

Expansion to Australia is part of this pathway for CrushDynamics and the movement to a global circular economy. While in Australia, CrushDynamics met with the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) team in Adelaide. Photo Credit: CrushDynamics

At Canada Down Under, we are looking forward to seeing CrushDynamics excel here in Australia, and beyond..

Please follow CrushDynamics’ progress on Facebook.

If you would like to know more about how the Canada-Australia relationship can serve you and your business, please get in touch with our Trade Commissioner Service. The services are free, and friendly and based on our shared commitment to having more Canadian representation in Australia, and vice-versa.

For more information, contact Ms. Jennifer Diamond, Trade Commissioner for Agriculture and Ag-tech:


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