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Time: 1 minute 10 seconds

The video opens with upbeat music. There is a title screen that reads “Working Holiday in New Zealand” on the top half, with text on the bottom half that reads “Tips Series Social”. There is a video of dressing being poured on a plate of food.

There is a shot of some water. The camera pans up to show 2 kayakers.

Male Narrator: Moving halfway across the world to New Zealand is the first step in a pretty great adventure, but how can you meet locals?

There are some scuba divers swimming underwater.

Male Narrator: New Zealand has a rather active club sports scene. Joining an ice hockey or soccer club is an easy way to meet people, and many clubs have adult teams.

Cut to a first-person view showing a skier following other skiers down a run.

Male Narrator: There’s a fairly large Canadian expat community in New Zealand. Don’t be afraid to reach out! You can often find them near ice rinks, or around the poutine or pierogi shops scattered throughout New Zealand.

Mid shot of fries being cooked in a fryer in slow motion. We see an order of poutine on a table and 2 people mixing food in mixing bowls in the background.

Female narrator: Even though I came to New Zealand on my own, I’ve never felt alone here. I’ve had my family friends here, and made friends through them. I’ve also had extraordinary flatmates in my time here, and there are social clubs for Canadians in New Zealand.

A young woman speaks to the camera. She is standing in a park with trees behind her. Cut to the same young woman speaking with friends on a veranda.

Female Narrator: If you are travelling alone, don’t be afraid to reach out to people who you feel comfortable with and go out on a limb. Ask them to hang out with you after work! I also joined some great networking groups such as Auckland Green Drinks and the Sustainable Business Council.

There are 2 female friends running into the surf with a surfboard. A group of friends are in a whitewater raft, going down some rapids. A group of people are sitting at a café, talking together. Food is served to someone in a restaurant. There is a close-up of another group of people eating some seafood.

Female Narrator: At first, when I began going to these events, I would be really nervous to go on my own, but now I really enjoy them and I feel much more confident.

Cut back to the young woman speaking with her friends on the veranda.

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Canada Down Under is an on-line portfolio of Canadian-Australian stories produced by the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney and other contributors.

Canada Down Under est un portefeuille en ligne d'histoires canado-australiennes produites par le Consulat général du Canada à Sydney et d'autres contributeurs.

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