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Life Swap: Working Holiday in Canada/Australia – Transcript

Life Swap: Working Holiday in Canada/Australia – Transcript

Video length: 1:00 minute

Video taken from live footage.

Upbeat music plays. A black airport departure board appears on screen with Canadian and Australian destinations in white writing – letters on board change to read: EVER WONDER WHAT AWAITS YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD?

Letters on board begin changing again to read: LIFE SWAP with the words ‘Departures, Destination, Sydney, Vancouver’ in the background. Background fades to black and the words LIFE SWAP become clearer. Short blurb appears, text displays: Footage from Canadian and Australian participants of International Experience Canada (Videos soumis par des participants Canadiens et Australiens du programme Experience Internationale Canada).

[New Clip] A young man is shown running across a beach with a surfboard under his arm.

[New Clip]This is then contrasted by footage of a bob sled being pushed across the screen out over ice.

[New Clip] We then see a young woman at a table eating toast with a jar of ‘Vegemite’ on the table in front of her and smiling. Text displays: TRY SOMETHING NEW.

[New Clip] Text changes to: ESSAYEZ DE NOUVELLES CHOSES as the video changes to a young man sitting in a diner eating poutine and laughing.

[New Clip] A group of four people are shown enjoying the sun on a boat, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is visible behind them and the water and skyline of Sydney city in the background.  Text appears on screen: PICK UP NEW SKILLS.

[New Clip]We are transported to a snowy slope. The words ACQUEREZ DE NOUVELLES COMPETENCES appear as a person comes sliding down the slope in snow clothes.

[New Clip] A view of a wave is then shown with a person surfing.

[New Clip] A view of a person skiing down a snowy slope with other people and trees in the background, is shown.

[New Clip] The words: DISCOVER YOURSELF appear on the left side of the screen while a girl is shown making a sand angel on the right side of the screen.

[New Clip] The words on the left change to APPRENEZ A MIEUX VOUS CONNAITRE as the right image changes to a girl on a balcony looking out over water.

[New Clip] A view looking down a cliff into water is shown.  Text displays: CHALLENGE YOURSELF as a young woman followed by a young man jump down into the water.

[New Clip]We see a person hurtling themselves into the snow on a toboggan, and the text displays: METTEZ-VOUS AU DEFI.

[New Clip]A girl and boy are shown climbing up a steep bush path into rocks.

[New Clip]We see footage of a person snowboarding and doing an aerial turn.

[New Clip] A girl is shown at a table on a balcony, typing on her computer. The city of Sydney, the harbour, the opera house and Harbour Bridge are evident in the background. Text displays: ADVANCE YOUR CAREER.

[New Clip]A selfie video of a girl is shown on the right of the screen with the words FAITES PROGRESSER VOTRE CARRIERE displayed on the left.

[New Clip] Two girls are shown, on the right of the screen, on a beach jumping and holding hands as the words EXPAND YOUR NETWORK appear on the left.

[New Clip] We then see an ice skating rink, where Pierre the Polar Bear and Mathilda the Koala are shown playing ice hockey. Text displays: ETENDEZ VOTRE RESEAU PROFESSIONNEL.

[New Clip]A close up of a male driver appears, as he drives past an empty beach at dusk. The word LIVE is displayed on the screen.

[New Clip] We then see a selfie video of a girl and boy walking along Sydney harbour, with the Bridge in the background. Text displays: VIVEZ.

[New Clip] We see a view through a window looking out onto apartments. A white cockatoo flies up and flaps its wings as the word LEARN is displayed.

[New Clip] A girl is then show, back to the camera, looking out onto a green field with several kangaroos in front of her. Text displays: APPRENEZ.

[New Clip] We see feet in running shoes walking across rocks, the word PLAY is displayed. This is followed by an image of snow and the word JOUEZ.

[New Clip] A hand is shown drawing a maple leaf and heart into sand.

The screen fades to white and the International Experience Canada logo appears on the screen. This then fades out and the Canada logo appears. This then fades out to be replaced by the URL:


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Canada Down Under est un portefeuille en ligne d'histoires canado-australiennes produites par le Consulat général du Canada à Sydney et d'autres contributeurs.

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