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Global Change

Canadian foreign policy is focused on taking a pro-active role on the international global stage across a wide range of global issues. These range from climate change to Syrian refugees, the promotion of international commerce, development assistance centred on helping the poorest and most vulnerable, UN peace operations and promotion of human rights, among other goals.

This active role has been reflected recently in Canada’s strong participation and leadership at the December COP meeting. The environment is one of the government’s top priorities, both in the face of specific urgent crises and in the context of building a sustainable green economy.  

In addition, Canadian leadership was recently evident in other summits such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta, the G20 summit in Antalya and the APEC summit in Manila.

Also at the forefront, has been Canadian activism on refugees. The country has a long tradition of helping refugees from international conflicts and natural disasters. This has been recently illustrated by the welcome promised to 25,000 victims of the Syrian crisis.

Canada’s refugee resettlement programs promote successful integration into Canadian society as a long term solution while also providing immediate essential services and settlement support.

As the Prime Minister said, “We have a responsibility, to ourselves and to the world, to show that inclusive diversity is a force that can vanquish intolerance, radicalism and hate.”  

Stay up-to-date on the welcoming of refugees into Canada here:


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