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Canadian artists at MAT18

Canadian artists at MAT18

The Canadian delegation at the Murwillumbah Art Trail 2018 (MAT18) grew from an idea that took shape following the participation of the artist Marie-France Rose at the Baie-Saint-Paul festival Rêve d’automne in 2015 and 2017. Marie France, a Canadian sculptor and painter who has lived in Australia for several years, nurtured a relationship between the two festivals and their local artists. This year the collaboration will deepen in Australia with the presence of four artists from Quebec and the director of the Charlevoix’s festival at MAT18.


  • Elsa Boisjoly

“[MAT18] will allow me to rub shoulders with creators from far away but with roots that may not be so distant; to see our differences as well as our commonalities. For me to create is a way to recognize myself so it is a wonderful opportunity to discover the other in this identity. “

Elsa Boisjoly has been actively practicing her visual art for more than 20 years. She has taken part in many group and solo exhibitions in Québec, USA and Europe. Her art is sometime motivated by her emotional connection to the environment which can be overpowering and magnificent at times, or simply come from everyday life experiences. Her creative work is often linked to her concerns for a healthy environment and its footprint as well as her great fascination with the mysteries and manifestations of life in nature.

Acrylic is her medium of choice with an approach to using various binders, mortars and fluids, which become an intrinsic part of her work.  Elsa’s paintings are created by her perceptions and memories while using shaded colors.  She offers a reproduction of this reality, a different vision on the canvas and our perception of the image.

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  • Claude Bonneau

 “This meeting with other artists on the other side of the world will allow me to discover another culture and to discuss with them on technical and philosophical aspects.”

Autodidact painter; creative and authentic he vibes at the rhythm of his paint brushes, happy and free to express himself through his ochre, earth or orangey colors, his unique style. His work, whether it is landscape, musicians or elegant dancers swirling in a heavenly garden, becomes a way to share his passion for painting.

His style is audacious, original and inspired; you can observe a sepia line bordering the characters and objects. His paintings are alive, warm and distinctive. He does not impose himself any limits and his work is opening a window to the world.

His art gallery is comparable to a museum, it is vast and his paintings share space with antiques that are beautiful and evocative…It is there and at numerous events that you can see Claude paint. His creative energy added to the purity of his gestures allow the magic to happen and as the painting progresses the audience enters the artist universe.

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  • Martin Brisson

“For me, traveling thanks to my art is wonderful. It allows me to meet new cultures and new artists. These encounters are often rich in friendship, and [they contribute to] the development of one’s own work.”

While wielding the wealth that nature provides, Brisson continues to work thinking that art should take place in all areas of daily life. His research into the harmony of shapes and space leads to the creation of monumental works that become an integral part of the landscape and highlight the importance for the artist to make his art accessible and inclusive.

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  • Dominique Normand  

“[MAT18] is an opportunity for me to open another door on the international art scene, to present my work inspired by my Aboriginal roots and my visceral interest in the culture of the First Nations of Quebec. I want to immerse myself in local artistic expressions, learn more about the mysterious and mystical art of Aboriginal artists in Australia, and build relationships to seed future projects that encourage collaboration between Métis artists and Indigenous overseas.”

In painterly manners, Dominique translates in images the omnipresent powers that shape the world of human experience in the Canadian Northern territories. Since 2008, she has visited, lived and built strong ties with the Cree people of James Bay. The sum of these encounters and the teachings she has received constitute an everlasting reservoir of powerful inspiration for her creation. Enriched by her own experience amongst the Cree communities and land, she becomes a witness to the entwined harmony of all our relations, a spokeswoman bearing a camera, armed with a brush. Her art reveals the fascination she feels for the land and the territories that posses her. Dominique stands out for her strong visually evocative works, her holistic and sensitive vision of the worlds around her.

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  • Cathy Martin, Director of festival Rêves d’Automne

Rêves d’automne is an artistic tradition perpetuated across time in the heart of Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec. It’s a celebration of Charlevoix’s beautiful landscapes that have always inspired leading artists, and a rendezvous showcasing talent, spectacular art and emotions.

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  • Marie-France Rose

 “This year as part of MAT18 we have the privilege of hosting the Canadian artists as a new part of the Murwillumbah Art Trail gone international. We will have the pleasure to exhibit and share in our creativity, culture and collaboration. We are really happy to host the team that collaborated with us in Canada.”


Marie France Rose was born in Quebec Canada into a French Canadian family, and from early childhood developed a passion for art. She commenced studying art, theatre and dance in Montreal in the mid 70’s. After extensive world travel including South America, Asia, Middle East and Europe, she settled in Australia and continued to pursue a journey in art, completing an Advanced Diploma in Ceramic and Visual Art in 1999 and then exhibiting on the sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Gold Coast and internationally in Dubai and Canada. Since settling in Uki NSW in 2007, Marie-France has dedicated herself to sculpture and painting from a home studio, which provides her with the time, space and motivation to continue to evolve as a mature artist.

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Canadian Artists Live Painting

→The Canadians will dazzle the public with their skills and painting

Sunday 20 May 11am – 3pm   Tweed Regional Gallery


Canadian Film Night: BLADE RUNNER 2049

→ By Canadian director Denis Villeneuve

Tuesday 22 May  7pm The Regent Cinema


The Art Battle & Bar

→ A team of local artists verse the Canadian visitors in a paint off

Friday 25 May  6pm – 10pm  Hutchisons Pop Up Gallery  


Canadian Film Arvo: BLADE RUNNER 2049

→ By Canadian director Denis Villeneuve

Sunday 27 May  3pm The Regent Cinema



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