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Aurora Jane

Aurora Jane

Transcript: “Working Holiday = Collaboration (Aurora Jane)”

Video Length 2:04 minutes

Medium pace music with pronounced bass line plays throughout. Video starts with a woman (Aurora Jane) walking past a painted red, yellow, and green wall with striped hearts and geometrical patterns.

Aurora Jane: I have a very clear purpose in life that involves working together, creating community, and looking at reconciliation and how it can move forward positively together.

A rear shot of Jane walking down a concrete beach pathway covered with graffiti. To her left can be seen a portion of sand from the beach. To her right and above the pathway lies a parking lot filled with white utility vans. In the background are faintly distinguished beachside residences as well as scattered beachgoers.

Jane, standing with her arms crossed, in front of a white wall covered by a large circular painting composed of small circles. The colours, on one side, are predominantly blue; whereas they are yellow and orange on the other.

Close up of Jane speaking to the camera is shown with the beach behind her in the distance.

Jane: My name is Jane, I’m also known as “Aurora Jane””. I’m an agent for the Canadian band “Digging Roots” and I’m also a musician myself in a band called “Aurora Jane”.

Jane is shown leaning on a hand-rail directly next to the beach. Apartment buildings are in the background.

Jane is standing sideways with her arms crossed in front of a circular wall painting composed of circles.

Jane talking to the camera again.

Scene changes to a shot of Jane and her band playing a concert on stage.

Jane: I grew up in regional Victoria in a town called Ballarat and I didn’t have much of a relationship with indigenous culture until I was about 21 when I was lucky enough to work for “Music Outback” foundation and travel to remote communities to deliver music programs.

Jane talking to the camera again.

Shot of the black, red and yellow Australian Aboriginal flag.

Jane is shown leaning on a hand-rail directly next to the beach. Apartment buildings are in the background.

Jane talking to the camera.

Jane: The working holiday experience happened for me around 2010 and that was fantastic because it really allowed me a diverse amount of experiences and in Canada I’ve been lucky enough to meet many Indigenous people.

Rear shot of a band playing in front of a crowd of people at an outdoor concert.

Back to close-up of Jane talking to the camera with the beach in the background.

Background changes to an Indigenous celebration in Canada, where the people, wearing colourful traditional Indigenous clothing, are dancing along to some drumming.

Jane: There I’ve made some of the most important connections in my life, including meeting “Digging Roots”, which is a First Nation’s Canadian band. Raven and Shoshona though have become my family in a very short period of time and that evolved into me becoming the agent and visa sponsor for “Digging Roots” in Australia.

Back to close-up of Jane talking to the camera.

Scene changes to a stage where members of the band “Digging Roots” are playing live music.

Back to close-up of Jane talking to the camera.

Jane: I live in Melbourne but I’m spending nearly 50% of my time in North America. Travelling both through L.A. and into Canada with some pretty exciting new prospects.

Shots of Jane and Digging Roots in a music studio recording music.

Back to close-up of Jane talking (briefly).

Jane: I started a website called “Mojo Junction” which basically brings together the creative work, predominantly of Canadians and Australians, and it features musicians, artists, really anything that you can think of surrounding art and culture and showcases their work.

A succession of screenshots of pages from Jane’s website are shown, with the website name: “Mojo Junction”. The different screenshots are composed of a variety of small art related photographs as well as larger images of artworks such as bird sculptures and artists themselves. The subtitles of the articles presented on the pages can be seen, it says: “Homeground festival: A photo journal”, “Why Art Museums Matter, Visits to Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology, and Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario”, “ Interview Skye poison from Digging Roots. On Photography, Music & Arnhem Land”.

Back to close-up (briefly)

Jane: I also run “Arrival Sounds” which is a sync agency dealing with Canadian and Australian bands and that’s all come about from collaborations between Canadians and Australians.

A shot of the logo of Aurora Jane’s sync agency “Arrival Sounds” appears. The image is predominantly grey with cloud like formations in the top half of the page. Under the logo, text reads: “CREATIVE LICENSING/SYNC AGENCY/MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA”.

Back to close up of Jane talking to the camera.

Jane: International Experience Canada has allowed me many opportunities in both my personal life and also within my career.

Jane is standing in front of a white wall with a painting of a group of circular shapes in light shades of blue and orange.

A view of the beach and small breaking waves can be seen, as well as Jane leaning on the hand-rail near the sand.

Back to close-up of Jane talking to the camera.

Jane: Being an artist, those things are married together essentially.

Scene changes briefly to another live music performance by a band. We can see the musicians clapping along with the rhythm of the music. The camera then zooms out and shows the other members of the band. Three women are all singing and three men are playing instruments.

Jane: Having the great privilege of travelling to Canada many times and having what I consider to be a second family there has been hugely life enriching for me.

Back to close-up of Jane talking to the camera.

Screen turns white before the appearance of a logo which reads: “International Experience Canada. Then the Government of Canada logo appears before the International Experience Canada website details are revealed: “”.


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