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Transcript: AIME and NYA got together and a new experience was born

Transcript: AIME and NYA got together and a new experience was born

Video Length: 2 minutes 05 seconds
An image of the Northern Lights fades onto the screen. Text appears over the top of the image.

‘The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) and Northern Youth Abroad (NYA) got together’

‘And a new experience was born’ fades in over a black background.

‘In 2018, young Indigenous leaders will travel across the globe’

‘Seeing a young Indigenous Canadian take on Australia’

‘And a young Indigenous Australian land in Canada’

A hand drawn globe animates on screen and a paper plane flies across the globe from bottom left to right. International Experience Canada fades in underneath the globe.

‘Through International Experience Canada’

The image cuts to a mid-shot of a man sitting at a picnic table with foliage in the background including a gumtree. The man wears a hat and a black t-shirt with a turtle and snake image on it.

Text fades onto the bottom third of the screen ‘Ben Abbatangelo Co-CEO AIME’

Ben: Hey guys, my name’s Ben Abbatangelo I’m the co-CEO of AIME. I’m just about to sign an agreement between us and Northern Youth Abroad which is gonna see a showcase of Indigenous talent not only at home but also overseas in Canada.

‘Sydney – NSW, Australia’

Ben: We’re really excited about the partnership and the sharing of knowledge. So I’m going to put this pen to paper.

Cut to a close up of Ben’s hand holding a pen and signing a piece of paper.

Image fades to a man standing in an auditorium with his back to the camera. He is addressing a crowd. Cut to a still photograph of two young men smiling and writing on a piece of paper. Then cut to a still photograph of a teenage boy sitting in front of a mural reading a book ‘AIME leadership program’.

Ben: We’re excited about harvesting Indigenous knowledge and leadership from different parts of the world

Cut to a still image of several young people pointing up at the sky wearing a jumper with AIME written across the chest. Cut back to a mid-shot of Ben sitting at the picnic table.

Ben: and this is going to be a great program to do just that. We look forward to seeing you guys soon

A paper plane ‘flies’ across the bottom of the screen

Cut to young woman taking a pen from the left of the screen and passing it to the right of the screen as the paper plane flies from left to right.

Image fades to a mid-shot of a woman taking the pen. She is sitting at a picnic table with foliage and a lake in the background. Text fades onto the bottom third of the screen.

‘Rebecca Bisson Executive Director, NYA’

Rebecca: Hi I’m Rebecca Bisson and I’m the executive director with Northern Youth Abroad.

Cut to a panning shot of snow covered woods and a sign with the writing ‘Welcome to Yellowknife’

Rebecca: We’re here on the beautiful banks of Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife North West Territories

Cut back to mid-shot of Rebecca

‘Yellowknife – NWT, Canada

Rebecca: And we’re about to sign this exciting agreement between AIME and NYA

Cut to close up of Rebecca holding the pen and signing the document

Rebecca: for an exciting new partnership.

Cut back to mid-shot of Rebecca.

Image of sky reflected in water fades into view then cut to a plane landing on a rocky runway.

Cut to a mid-shot of a woman standing in front of a rocky landscape with snow scattered amongst the rocks.

Text fades onto the bottom third of the screen. ‘Karen Aglukark Chair of the Board of Directors, NYA’

Karen: Hi everyone, I’m Karen Aglukark and I’m the Chair of Northern Youth Abroad’s Board of Directors.

‘Nunavut, Canada’

Karen: I’m excited to be signing our partnership with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience.

Cut to sweeping shot of the Sydney Opera house and Circular Quay area of Sydney city.

Karen: Our partnership will focus on International experiences for Indigenous youth.

Cut to the Northern Lights, cut to the Australian outback with a time lapse of stars moving across the screen then cut to a landscape shot of Uluru.

Karen: I’ve witnessed first-hand the type of impact this opportunity can provide.

Cut to a group of youth sitting in a classroom. Then a close up of a person’s hand touching a painting of a handprint on a rock wall.

Karen: And I look forward to the creative and collaborative possibilities that our two organisations can

Cut to the image of a child running through a snow field throwing snow at other people. Fade to a time lapse shot of the sun setting over several forests, mountains and lakes.

Karen: Provide to Indigenous youth who want to explore their potential and broaden their horizons

Cut to time lapse of stars over a mountain and a campfire in the foreground. Cut back to mid-shot of Karen. Karen then signs the document and puts two thumbs-up while looking at the camera

‘This is going to be fun’

Cut to black background

‘Together we will show the world’

‘Indigenous = Success’

Cut to white background.
NYA logo, Canada wordmark and AIME logo. The Canada wordmark fades into the ‘International Experience Canada’ visual identity.

‘Additional footage: Destination Canada and Tourism Australia’


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